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Bring your sword,
this might get dangerous...

How would you like to find out why the children of the small fishing village of Leda are disappearing from their beds at night? Will that old abbey on the hill, where a "Beholder" used to lurk, have something to do with it?

What about following the steps of a British scientist who is on the verge of making the most hideous discovery of his career?

Our stories will take you to places no one has dared to show you before.

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Come close to the fire,
we have a story to tell you.

We grew up on The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, The Outer Limits, Amazing Stories, Orson Wells’ radio version of the War of the Worlds, and Norman Corwin broadcasts. We know a good story when we hear one.

Along with our speculative fiction magazine, we produce binge-worthy short audio dramas. Our fiction podcast "Free Bundle Originals" is currently available from all major platforms.

When was the last time
someone tried to murder kill you?

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Our comic strip "DOG" will put you in the shoes of Dogeron Kenan, a low-life criminal trying to smuggle data across what’s left of Asia. You know Marvel, you know DC, you know Image Comics; now it is time that you get to know Dogeron.

Whether you are reading it on a Kindle, on your desk computer or on an iPad, you better make sure to keep your gun loaded if you want to make it through an issue of Free Bundle Magazine when Dog is around.

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