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Under the Garden

by Paul Greasley

Under the Garden is a sandbox-style exploration game set in a harsh winter environment, where supplies are limited and resources such as food and lumber for your fireplace have to be gathered from the land. Here you'll learn how to hunt, mine for valuable items, cut down trees for wood (and to make fireplaces where you can save your game), and construct buildings or bridges out of bricks and boxes.

If you have played Minecraft and you think you have seen it all think again: this game is amazingly well done. Think on Sword & Sworcery meets Minecraft meets Another World. If you want something different, this is your game.

UPDATE Paul just informed us he is working on a new version of this game! A totally new awesome under the garden! Go check it out now!

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Recommended System Specifications
  • Windows 7 / Vista / XP
  • DirectX 9+
  • 1GBLick the screen: the graphics are amazing

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