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《 井 》The Well

by Pengbitao

A wonderful experience. This lovely game is a Chinese water-ink style game. The developer did all the work, including the code, the drawing, the models and the art. His friend, HuYing played the music with Guqin, a 5000 years old Chinese instrument.

Pengbitao made this amazing game for about five months, but the thought had started much earlier, back in 2010.

If you like Okami, and games that really put things in perspective, try this game. It must be one of the most incredible peaceful game an indie developer has created. We're proud to had been reached by the Mr.Pengbitao to showcase his game here, and like always, visit his site for more experiences like this in the future.

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Recommended System Specifications
  • Windows Vista, Windows 8, Mac OS, Linux.
  • A feather.
  • Any Graphics Card will do.
  • Your flute and a boat.

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