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Missed one of the bundles? Don't worry, you can still find them either here (the menu in this page) or on the developer's web site. Remember you can help by visiting their websites or letting us know about your favorite free indie game.

Next, you will find our Frequently Asked Questions, but if we haven't addressed yours, email us and we will answer as soon as we can.

Yes, absolutely free, but don't thank us, we don't have anything to do with it. Thank these fantastic games authors who have worked really hard to make the games you see here and on top of that, they released them absolutely free. You can actually pick them up at each of the author's websites if you want to.

Most of us work so much through the year we usually miss these beautiful, incredible well made games, they fly under our radar for several reasons! Well, not anymore.

Some you may know, some may be absolutely new to you; that's what's fun of this bundle! Discover new games you missed for free!

Because we never heard of it before. Be a pal, send us a quick note to (scroll at the bottom of the page) and we'll make sure to post it in the next bundle. Please make sure it's a game people can actually download (no browser games allowed). Mac, Windows, doesn't matter as long as the game is free, just send it over and we'll make sure to check it out. Thanks in advance.

Some of them have versions that run on Mac/Linux, if they do you will see it on the popup, but most of them run on windows so... if you have a windows setup, you're most likely to enjoy these games.

We ran the games through several antivirus programs and they are all virus free, and besides no indie is going to put a trojan on his/her work, so rest assured they are virus-free. We even used the award winning McAfee antivirus and they are fine.

Us? No, we don't accept donations, but some of these amazing indie game developers do, so be sure to check out their websites and donate if you liked this bundle because they need every bit of help we can provide!

Yes and no! The games on this bundle are exclusively for download, so it doesn't matter to us if the game has been made with Flash© as long as people can still download and play it offline. If you are looking for browser based games, head over Newgrounds, there is a really cool collection of indie games waiting for you over there (and they are also free)!

By sending your favorite free indie games to us you are doing enough already! But if you like, you can share or retweet our site on social networks! Let your friends know!

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All the games in TheFreeBundle have been released free by their authors. Our mission is to help them by bringing exposure to their current projects.